Certificate Courses

Certificate in Co-operative Housing Society Management (CHSM)

Practical Oriented Course

Course Objective:

Cooperative Housing Society is a major concept in housing in urban centers. Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws needs to be understood thoroughly by professional worker, hence society management must be understood correctly. Cooperative Housing Society Management course covers Byelaws, Good Practices, Land Mark Judgments, Accounts, Meetings, Audits, Books and Record Keeping, Draft Forms and Transfer Formalities, Recovery of Dues, Elections and other details.

Career Opportunities
  • Full Time / Part Time Manager of a Co-operative Housing Societies.
  • Accountant to Co-operative Housing / Premises Societies
  • Handle independent billing and accounting of Co-operative Housing Societies
  • Become Society Compliances Executive
  • Consultant of a Co-operative Housing Societies
  • Opportunity to start your own consultancy firms
Course Contents

1. Theory and Practical Prospect of Cooperative Housing Society

  • Co-operative Housing Society establishment & its jurisdiction.
  • Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (MCS) Act 1960
  • Cooperative Laws and other laws connected with housing cooperatives
  • Management and working of housing cooperative
  • Maintaining Statutory Registers
  • Housing Society Maintenance Charges & Rules
  • Housing Society & Facility Management
  • Bye- Laws of Housing Societies
  • Housing Society Meeting & Minutes Writing
  • Housing Society Maintenance Charges & Rules
  • Duties & Powers of the General body and Managing Committee
  • Execution of Conveyance Deed in Housing Societies
  • Redevelopment of Housing Societies

2. Society Based Accounting

  • Accounts of Cooperative Housing Societies
  • Receipts & Payment Statement
  • Income & Expenditure Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • How to read Cooperative Financial Statement
  • Period of Preservation of Accounts & Records of Housing Societies
  • How to Prepare Budget for Cooperative Housing Societies/ Importance of Budgets

3. Society Based Auditing

  • Difference between Accounting& Auditing
  • Types & Scope of Auditing
  • Need & Importance of Cooperative Audit
  • Preparation of Audit Form & Audit Report
  • Duties, Responsibility& Power of a Co-operative Auditor
Admission Process
  • Eligibility: 12th Pass and above.
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Training Mode: Online Live Session, Practical, and Assignment & Projects.
  • Online Examination & Evaluation: Objective (MCQ), Assignments & Viva
Certification By : AISMT